Friday, March 20, 2009

Footbolito @ SIM

Sport is an important aspect of student life. Not only is it a great stress buster but it also encourages team bonding and collective strategy.At SIM, sports are given a high impetus. The proof is in the fact that we have at least a dozen sports clubs that I recollect. Clubs range from the usual sports like cricket, soccer, tennis to the not so usual ones like paintball, rock-climbing and kayaking to name a few.

Students at SIM are highly creative and come up the most interesting and innovative ideas for team sports. I reminisce; the three-a-side tennis tournament with a soft ball was amazing fun.Few days back, on 14th March, SIM hosted an open house. It’s when we showcase our courses and student life to aspiring SIM applicants. The same day, SIM also hosted a ‘footbolito extravaganza’.

There were two formats of the sport. One was the famed foosball table (from Archie’s Comics). This game isn’t as easy as it looks. People often end up looking silly.The other format was more creative. It was called ‘Human Foosball’. Well doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure that one out, we replace plastic toys with humans in a life sized arena. Look for more pictures on my Flickr profile.

We tried our skill at the ‘human’ version of the game with our star team ‘Forsythe Pendleton’ named after the famous Jughead from Archie’s Comics. We lost both our bouts 3-5 and 4-5 but had a gala time. I got blamed for trying to be a ‘gentleman’ while tackling with the girl in front of me, well what can I say!
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