Sunday, May 3, 2009

Discovering the MBA advantage!

On my time off, I set off from a world of academic overdose into magical India. To the fantastic Tata Crucible International Finals. And, here I am, back to share my one-of-a-kind experience with all you wonderful readers.
The Tata Crucible International Finals proved to be a tremendous learning experience for me. One thing I learn about was the MBA, or the Masters in Business Administration. The degree has established itself as the quintessential tool in any manager’s (or aspiring manager’s) toolkit. It is highly sought after by recruiters around the world.
Experts today cite the economic downturn as leading to several questions and accusations. The economic downturn has seen a perplexed reaction on how business is taught in classrooms and the expensive tuition fees it demands. Experts at the seminar guaranteed that answers to prevailing problems will be found in these very incubators of business talent.
The MBA program is offered by various universities as a general degree or alternatively offer specializations in Marketing, Finance, Information Systems and Human Resources. Additionally, there are MBA programs in Supply Chain Management, Sports Management and even Medicine Management that capture a niche market!
And, what better place to pursue an MBA than Singapore! Singapore is known for its holistic environment and being an Asian business hub with English as the accepted business language it surely makes for an attractive education destination. Efficient public transport and excellent infrastructure is an added advantage and well, if you live in India, South East Asia or even Australia, add the advantage of proximity to your list!
In Singapore, you can pick and choose your various requirements, mode of study, entry pre-requisites and specialisation. The GMAT is widely accepted amongst most B schools but the entry requirements differ depending on the institute you apply to. The next hurdle in the selection process are the interviews and SOPs. That's the tough part! If you'd like to know my experience, leave me a comment!
Otherwise, you can discover more information on Singapore's specialized education portal:
Also, if you'd like to discover an expert opinion, you might want to check this out! UTVi, a national business channel, has done an interesting segment called ‘Cracking Careers’. They recently interviewed students in Singapore and surveyed the advantages of the educational experience in Singapore. View it here:

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