Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Student's Diary

A Student’s Diary

I was longing to write this post. Hope it connects with students all over...

Universities are interesting places. They’re viewed by many as crucibles for producing the future. Sounds like a very serious affair doesn’t it?

Well it’s not as grim as it sounds, at least not by my experience. Here, I’ve met one of the most interesting people in my life. We have a huge pool of international students in Singapore. I’ve got friends from Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and France to just name a few. Every student brings with them elements of their culture to the university. We celebrate festivals and cultural events as if they were our very own.

Singapore is a melting pot in many ways. It has a vibrant, multicultural society and welcomes foreigners with great warmth.
There are places where you can get the tastiest authentic and fusion cuisine from the world over. It’s no secret that Singapore is a safe haven for the adventurous party lovers.

The institutions here maintain very high standards and boast of an excellent infrastructure. I spend a lot of time browsing through the library and reading books on various topics. Every once a while, I also visit the gymnasium on campus. Singapore is full of activity. At SIM, we have interest groups like sports, leadership, community and academics. These groups organize events, talks, tournaments and get-togethers round the year.

I’d say we get a good balance of academics and co-curricular activities. Our interaction with the industry is also an added benefit. Studying here has helped me develop my analytical, empirical and people skills alike.

It has been a rewarding and priceless experience!

Perplexed by Nature

I love puzzles; not only puzzles but board games, action figures, quizzes and riddles!

I grew up playing a lot of Funskool and Mattel toys. I always enjoyed solving puzzles and playing with Lego. I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of ‘finding a solution’. The Rubik’s cube is by far my favorite toy, I still play with the cube sometimes!

Back in Nasik, during my school days, I was an active participant in I.T quizzes and debates. I’ve participated in the Tata Crucible Business Quiz’s Singapore edition and finished as the Runner Up for the past two years. In fact, as I write the post, we’re preparing to take on the winners from India and UK in the first International Final which is to be held in India next month.

My fascination with math and problem solving led me to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

I spend a lot of hours by the computer, solving programming questions or playing strategy games. It is interesting how we weave ourselves into virtual worlds and create meta-verses to dwell in. It isn’t a farce that everything is getting digitized, so are our lives.

With change all around you it’s not difficult not to be perplexed. Variance is so evident and anticipated that ‘change’ has become as buzzword, especially during the last US Presidential elections.

As a student, I view this scenario of restructuring as an opportunity to learn more than ever.

To be inquisitive as ever.

To be perplexed by instinct!